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When you go to make an online purchase, what’s the first thing you do? In an ecommerce-driven world where customers can’t physically experience products before purchasing, many consumers turn to online product reviews. 

As online review sites such as Yelp! and Facebook have expanded, finding an opinion on just about anything is only a few clicks away. The proliferation of reviews has even gone so far as to shape how businesses are perceived online.

As Chris Anderson, businessman and current head of TED, puts it, “Your brand isn’t what you say it is — it’s what Google says it is.”


For any company that exists in the digital space, online reviews are critically important when it comes to winning business and maintaining a positive reputation. 


Product & Service Reviews

Customers like to see lots of reviews. A single review with a few positive words makes up an opinion, but a few dozen that say the same thing make a consensus. The more reviews, the better, and one study found that consumers want to see at least 40 reviews to justify trusting an average star rating.


The problem with physical products is that the amount of people giving out a review is less than 1%. They forget after they receive the product or it is because the task of leaving a review is too tedious, as they have to access the product webpage, login and then write a review.


Now with our Mann Materials Intelligent Paper and Packaging, we are able to direct the customer right to the review page after they open the box. This ensures plenty of customers can directly and conveniently leave a review via their smartphone, enticing more customers to buy from you!


Customer Testimonial


The power of a customer testimonial is an incredible thing. This word-of-mouth advertising, known in the marketing world as earned advertising, is the perfect way of promoting your company and brand, acquiring new customers, and rewarding your customers’ loyalty. And with the ever-growing popularity of social media sites, sharing those customer testimonials with a worldwide audience couldn't be easier. Next time you hand out a coupon, menu or gift card, think about ways you can increase your customer testimonials online. This can be done with Mann Materials Intelligent Paper and Plastics with just a tap of the smartphone.

Video Testimonials


We are all influenced by the opinions of others to some extent. The phenomenon of social proof actually speaks directly to that idea. But how much do video testimonials really influence us when it comes to making a purchase?

Video testimonials are a huge factor when it comes to making a buying decision, and if you aren’t utilizing a video testimonial service to capture and show customers’ praise, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to have current customers help you sell to prospects. A website with a hundred testimonials will generate more leads and close more sales than a website with no testimonials every time.

If you are just using text testimonials on your website, you are failing to utilize one of your best marketing tools—satisfied customers—to their full potential. Video testimonials are far more engaging and convincing. They will keep visitors on your site longer and increase the chances that they will make a purchase. With an easy-to-use video testimonial service, your customers can easily submit them and you can show them off.

Now with a tap of the smartphone onto a Mann Materials Intelligent Object, your customers can directly watch a wide range of satisfied customers, convincing them to purchase your goods or services.

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