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Mann Materials Intelligent Products For The Automotive Industry

Marketing data and engagement that drive revenue

Use Mann Materials to...

Smartphone Marketing Strategy

With so many people using smartphones, don’t get left behind the competition and use Mann Materials to add an additional channel of engagement with your prospects. Customers can use their smartphones to directly engage with you. By having an interactive item sitting in front of them every day, you can get them to engage with you by:

Book more test drives: Tap to directly book a test drive with our representative

Generate more leads: Sign up to our newsletter

Demonstrate social proof: tap to watch our client video testimonials

Demonstrate your advantages over your competitors: Tap here to see our comparative advantages

Increase direct chat engagement: Tap to chat with our agent

Increase video engagement: Tap to watch our promotional video

Increase action via offers: Tap here to redeem our limited offer

Get financing: Tap here to finance your dream car

Renew/upsell a solution to existing customers: Tap here to find out our other services

Access savings calculator: Tap here to calculate your savings

Increase monthly engagement: Tap here to join our monthly competition to win

Incentivise event signup: Tap here to join our upcoming event

Get powerful actionable customer data that you can’t get anywhere else

Marketers who have insight into their buyers' priorities, expectations, and worries know where their buyers are looking for guidance, the questions they're asking, and most critically, which answers they want to hear.

Extract actionable data that helps you increase more conversions:

Why are you purchasing a new vehicle?

What car brand or model are you interested in?

What features would be important that lead to a purchasing decision?

What year is the car you are looking for?

What is your buying criteria?

What is your budget?

What is your timeline?

What car are you driving right now?

What city do you live in and conditions do you drive in?

What is your lifestyle like? (Inner city? Outdoors? Family oriented?)

What value tier are you looking for? (Basic, Premium, Prestige?)

What would be the most valuable content or resources you would like to receive?

What types of promotions would you like to receive that would influence you to buy?

What features of a car are you looking to avoid?


Use these insights to exponentially increase the effectiveness of your marketing by hyper-personalizing your messages and talk about issues that your prospects truly care about.

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 12.38.21 pm.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 12.17.27 pm.png

You might be marketing to them product A when they are interested in product B.

You are talking about challenge B, when their pain point is C

Emails, SMS, Direct mail, Retargeting Ads, Content creation, Sales messages


Can now be personalised to the specific individual

According to third party statistics, personalisation:


Reduce acquisition costs by 50% - McKinsey

Lift revenue by 5-15% - McKinsey

Reduce marketing spend by 10-30% - McKinsey

$20 return for every $1 spent - Clickz


Powerful marketing segmentation with Mann Materials

Buyers are more inclined to select products and services that appear to be crafted to their requirements. Use the extracted actionable data to create segments instead of sending a broad generic message. Traditionally, information about visitors are limited to “website browser”, “age”, “gender”, “location”, “time on website”, “language” – these metrics are not useful in improving engagement.

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 1.10.56 pm.png

You can now segment your audience by:

Car brand/model they are interested in


Type (Color, 2 or 4 doors, Hatch/Coupe/Sedan)

Service they are interested in

Financing options

Most important feature

Price range

Family size

Driving conditions

Competitor models they prefer

Content they are looking to consume to make a decision

Customer lifecycle

Promotions/Discounts they prefer

Specific preferences

Interest and lifestyle



Features they don’t like

Warranty length

Safety rating

Prior vehicle purchase


Use these segments to create powerful emails, powerful content and powerful ads.


Segmentation Before Mann Materials Data:

The same generic email and SMS were sent to all customers

The same promotional offer on a product were sent to all customers

The same content was created for all customers

Same ads were run for all prospects

Segmentation After Mann Materials Data:

Emails are created based on the category of products they are interested in

Discounts/promotional offers are created based on the likelihood that will drive them to purchase

Prospects were sent product offers in the same price range they indicated were within their budget

Upsell and cross promotion offers are created based on their lifestyle and hobbies data

Retargeting ads are created based on their interests

Segmentation Results:

According to Campaignmonitor and Hubspot, segmented campaigns drive 760% increase in revenue.


According to a study by WordStream, ad campaigns that regularly test and optimize their audience segments see a 28% higher conversion rate and a 58% lower cost per conversion compared to campaigns that do not.


Segmentation Before Mann Materials Data:

Segmentation After Mann Materials Data:

The insights we analyse can become the driving force behind your business decisions. You can use this information to change content you create for specific roles, positioning yourself in a favourable light compared to a threatening competitor, and formulate promotions that is appealing to your audience.

Company Role + Challenges

Company Role + Preferred Content

Company Role + Promotional Offers

Company Role + Stop working with vendor


Company Size + Competitors

Company Size + Priorities

Company Size + Biggest challenges


Buying Timeline + Content

Buying Timeline + Promotion

Nearly two-thirds of executives (61%) forecast that predictive analytics will save their organization 15% or more over the next five years.

With predictive analytics, you can make data-driven decisions that are not only accurate but also faster, which can give you a competitive edge over your rivals. But what's the real value of improved decision-making?


A recent survey of Fortune 500 companies found that those using predictive analytics saw an average of a 5% increase in revenue and a 3% decrease in costs.

This means that by using predictive analytics, companies were able to increase their revenue while decreasing their costs, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment (ROI). This is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for your business.

Company Role + Biggest Challenges

From our predictive analytics example, the marketing messages we should be sending to "CEOs" should be focused on "Proving ROI"

Marketing we should be sending to the "Marketing Manager" should be focused on "Getting more leads" and "Generating brand awareness"

Company Size + Major Competitors

Smaller companies view "Databox" as a notable competitor to you. Therefore, marketing messages should be positioned to reflect your strong points compared to "Databox"

Large enterprises with 2000+ wants to work with The Township. Therefore, marketing messages should be positioned to reflect your advantages over "The Township"

Predictive Analytics statistics

Fortune 500 companies found that those using predictive analytics saw an average of a 5% increase in revenue and a 3% decrease in costs


61% of executives forecast that predictive analytics will save their organisation 15% or more over the next five years. - SOA

Main Use Cases

+ Increase smartphone engagement

+ Enable personalised marketing

+ Deep marketing segmentation

+ Predictive intelligent insights

+ Death of third party cookies

+ Increase brand awareness

+ Increase event engagement

+ No risk, high ROI marketing tool

+ Opt-in compliance (GDPR, POPI, CCPA)

+ Retail data capture

Additional Use Cases

Powerful lead generation tool

Increase the amount of leads generated by incentivizing prospects to give you their name, email for follow up email marketing campaigns, phone number for SMS campaigns, Whatsapp, address for direct mail campaigns. Use this to do multichannel marketing to drive them down the marketing funnel even if they are not ready to sign up now.

Increase Brand Awareness

The average Mann Materials Intelligent Product gets 1000-3000 impressions over its lifecycle. The average staying time is 12 months. Increase your brand awareness over the long term by placing these into the proximity of your prospects.

Consent Based Marketing

As more consumers are worried about their privacy, marketing compliance is now an important issue. Mann Materials incentivizes your customers to opt-in to your marketing messages so you are compliant with GDPR, CCPA and POPIA.

Don’t continue to waste money on traditional marketing

Are you still using traditional marketing collateral? Sticking to old methods means zero engagement, zero leads, zero tracking, zero actionable data, zero revenue attribution.

Guaranteed ROI

Are you tired of using other marketing channels with a low return on investment? For every Mann Material you give out, you are guaranteed a high return – lowering Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Cost Per Lead (CPL), with zero risk of budget waste.

Death Of Cookies/Identifiers

The death of third party cookies and identifiers is upon us. Mann Materials allows you to get zero and first party data that is opt-in, compliant and actionable.

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Popular Use Cases

Smartphone Engagement

Enable Personalised Marketing

Deep Marketing Segmentation

Predictive Intelligent Insights

Increase Brand Awareness

Opt-In Compliance

Death of Third Party Cookies

Retail Data Capture

Increase Event Engagement

No Risk, High ROI Marketing Tool

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