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Mann Materials Intelligent Paper

A sheet of Mann Materials Intelligent Paper comprises 3 layers: two layers of conventional creative papers; between which a layer of our pre-printed circuitry and a silicon chip are inserted. The 3 sheets are then laminated to create a sheet of our “connected” Mann Intelligent Paper. 

This enables business cards, postcards, direct mail, calendars and other high-value printed materials to be interactive and deliver additional content, such as special offers, coupons, product information and other information.

Whether it’s retail, education, manufacturing or business services, every industry can benefit from our Mann Materials Intelligent Paper. 

Intelligent Business Cards

Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Link To Your Business White Paper Or Case Study Page

  • Link To Online Chat

  • Link To Your Business Page

  • Link Your Business Card To Your LinkedIn Profile

Intelligent Postcard


Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Mailing Promotions With Link To Upsell Page

  • Thank You Cards With Personal Youtube Video

  • Retail Store Handouts With Link To Coupons

  • Hotels & Motels Postcard With Link To Video Of Room

Untitled design-41.png

Intelligent Flyers + Brochures

Popular Uses & Ideas

  • Handouts at Networking Events With Link To Company LinkedIn Page

  • Promotional Mailing Pieces With Link To White Paper

  • Restaurant, Spa or Salon Menus With Link To Reservation Page

  • General Tri-Fold Brochures With Link To Customer Data Capture Page

  • Displays at Information Booths in Schools / Universities Linked To Information Page

Intelligent Direct Mail

Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Local Business Promotions With Link To Inquiry Page 

  • Direct Mail With Link To Discounts and Coupons

  • Informational Flyers With Link To Customer Testimonial Videos

  • Realtor Offerings With Link To Live Chat

Intelligent Booklets & Catalogs

Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Retail Booklets & Catalogs Linked To E-commerce Order Page

  • Medical Information Booklets With Link To Patient Testimonial Videos

  • Art & Photography Portfolios With Link To Personal Promotional Website

  • Business Training Manuals With Link To Training Video

Untitled design-43.png

Intelligent Calendars

Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Company Calendars Linked To Company Culture Book

  • Sports Calendars Linked To Online Updated Football or Baseball Schedule

  • Promotional Calendars Linked To Live Chat With Customer Service Representative

Intelligent Envelopes

Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Hotels (Including pricing and service lists)

  • Real Estate Offices (Including property info, pricing, etc.)

  • Schools

  • Retail Stores (Showcasing product details)

  • Gyms, Studios, Business Offices (Advertising member benefits, promos, etc.)

Intelligent Door Hangers

Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Promotional & Informational Door Hangers With Link To Sweepstakes

  • Grand Opening Door Hanger With Link To Redeem Coupons

  • Local Business Door Hangers With Link To Customer Testimonial Videos

Intelligent Letterheads


Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Custom Letterhead for Real Estate Offices, Hotels, Schools With Link To Live Chat With Customer Service Rep

  • Personalized Thank You Notes With Company Promotional Video

  • Company Letterhead With Link To Customer Testimonial Videos

Intelligent Menus

Popular Uses & Ideas


  • Marketing For Restaurants With Link To Food Reviews And Promotional Videos

  • Used For Trade Shows With Link To Case Study Download Page

  • Used In Corporate Events With Lead Contact Capture Page 

Intelligent Sell Sheets

Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Product Guides With Link To Webinar

  • Inserts With Link To Live Chat Page

  • Handouts Advertising Products or Services With Link To White Paper Or Case Study

Intelligent Rack Cards

Popular Uses & Ideas

  • Restaurant / Spa Menus

  • Hotel Maps / Info Cards

  • Product / Service Promotions

  • Location Maps

  • Reservation Forms

  • Informational Flyers (Amusement Parks, Museums, etc.)

  • Health Services 

Intelligent Magnets

Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Restaurant/Pizza Magnets Linked To Meal Order Page

  • Realtor Refrigerator Calendars Linked To Live Chat

  • Professional Services Like Plumbers/Electricians/Lawn Services Link To Quote Page

  • Political Magnets Linked To Youtube Video Of Candidate

Intelligent Table Tents

Popular Uses & Ideas
  • Restaurant Menus (Specials, Desserts, Happy Hour, etc.)

  • Informational Displays

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