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Solving the 3rd Party Cookie Problem

Tackling the third party cookie depreciation problem via Mann Materials Intelligent Products


The death of third party cookies and identifiers have affected many marketing departments across the world. The stats reveal that 57% of marketers say the loss of cookies will reduce ad-targeting opportunities, with over two-thirds (66%) expecting a 10-25% drop of revenue, as a result.


As a response, according to The CMO Survey 2022, marketers are creating a stronger data strategy to capture better information and invested in innovations to engage with customers directly.


This means targeting audiences will be harder whether you are running ads on Facebook, Google, Banner Ads.


Without targeting, customers in Los Angeles would be shown ads for snowsuits, teenagers would get ads for mortgage companies.


This leads to:

No more segmentation

No more cross site tracking

No more retargeting

Increase ROAS

Decrease in ROI

More marketing budget waste on irrelevant ads and marketing campaigns

The solution is clear: it’s time to change the way marketers gather information and ensure their messages are seen by appropriate demographics.

By using Mann Materials to get a prospects email and name, this email address can act as the main identifier. You can then use this to build your zero party and first party data around it.

Now more than ever, the market is hungry for a solution that unifies a single persistent identity in a controlled first-party environment. This solution would not only maintain consumer privacy (as data would only be collected after a consensual relationship with consumers had been established), but also deliver more customer data points to help marketing teams accurately segment, target, and attribute marketing spend – all while fostering deeper connections with their customers.


Talk to us for find out how Mann Materials Intelligent Products can help generate zero party data that is actionable and powerful. It is an effective tool to overcome the effects of a post-cookie world.


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