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Candy wrappers, wine bottles, and shoe boxes will be enhanced with direct connections to landing pages and technology to encourage customer engagement. Framed within the broader idea of the Internet of Things, the Internet of Boxes supports the idea that every physical package ought to have a complementary digital footprint.

On a small package, our printed electronics can convey or give access to extra information that wouldn’t otherwise fit in the space available. Our Intelligent Mann Materials Packaging can also link to more information about ingredients – where they’re from, how they’re produced – to motivate on-spot purchases, or connect users to installation instructions or service guides at the point of use. Smart packages can also create a stronger bond with the purchaser, linking to special offers, invitations to brand-related social communities and rewarding loyalty.

But while online channels can analyze clicks, behaviors, preferences and search entries very well, the same can’t be said of most brick and mortar retail stores. Plus, once products leave the stores they came from, a retailer’s visibility into how, where and when those products are being used ends on the spot. With Mann Materials Intelligent Packaging and Intelligent Data, we are able to not only analyze customer behavior and interactions, but also enrich customer data such as address, social media profiles and email.

Mann Materials Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent Cosmetic Packaging

As packaging breaks into a fourth dimension – connectivity – beauty brands can take advantage of a new marketing channel activated through the product packaging itself. Connected packaging triggers a connection between the brand and the customer to last the entire customer journey.


Let your customers engage with your brand on a whole new level by letting them interact with your cosmetic packaging! They can find tutorials, how-tos, customer testimonials, brand content, coupons or even contests.


Intelligent Food Packaging

Equipped with our printed electronics embedded inside the boxes itself, the packaging let you use a smartphone to access extra product information, storage recommendations, and social media. 

Let your customers engage with your product on a whole new level by giving them exclusive content such as special recipes, video tutorials and customer video testimonials.

Intelligent Gift Packaging

Your consumers could get exclusive dynamic experiences whenever they have tapped your products and you'd be able to engage them even after the point of sale.

In effect, your products won’t just

be products any more. You’ll have

transformed them into consumer

experience platforms. That’s a big


You can then use our proprietary big data platform to enrich customer contact details so you can engage them further via direct mail, web, social or email.

Intelligent Retail Packaging

Our Mann Materials Intelligent Packaging turns your packaging and labels into an IoT gateway for one-to-one product to consumer dialogue, before and after the sale. Be present for the entire customer journey to build loyalty, drive sales, and ultimately eclipse the competition.

Customers can directly tap the packaging with a smartphone to receive coupons, giveaways, branded content, upselling and so much more

Intelligent Product Sleeves

Mann Materials Intelligent Product Sleeves lets consumers access product-related content as well as instant prize wins and competitions with the tap of a smartphone. The technology also captures information regarding what content is accessed, and from where.

A brand can run customer satisfaction or feedback surveys to get opinions on product features, pricing and customer service.

The possibilities are endless. Check out the entire list of Intelligent Interactions for the entire range of options.


Neckhanger labels invites consumers to tap the front of the bottle to access a variety of offerings, including music, recipes and a contest.

When a bottle has gone to the retailer, a brand loses insight from that point on. They don't know who each buyer is, how and where the product is purchased, or how it is being enjoyed. Our intelligent bottle packaging enables brands to gain huge insight into their end users and get a lot closer to them. Our Mann Materials Intelligent Data captures information regarding what content users access, where those individuals are located and their contact information.


Intelligent Plastic Packaging

Why are so many products using our Intelligent Plastic Packaging as a way to connect to their audience?  They let everyday products become intelligent, aware and interactive. With just a tap of a smartphone, it can connect consumers to the cloud, for access to digital applications and social platforms, or can be used to deliver information to the manufacturer’s enterprise, supply-chain and customer-management systems. 

Intelligent Bags

Brand owners are finding that customer bonds are slipping and, as a result, there’s a need to engage with consumers earlier and develop a deeper dialog that goes beyond the purchase.

Mann Materials Intelligent Bags allows access to extra information, including product reviews, helpful hints and usage guides. It also supports loyalty programs and can reward VIP customers with exclusive content or entry into dedicated social communities. Customers can enable automatic reordering when supplies run low and can receive recycling tips when it’s time to dispose of the product.

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