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How Mann Materials Can Help The Entertainment & Recreation Industry

Business we have served: Amusement Parks & Arcades, Fitness Centers, Gambling, Golf Courses, Performing Art Companies, Professional Sports Teams & Organizations, Museums & Zoos.

Interactive Merchandise: You can resell interactive merchandise such as Intelligent T-shirts, Intelligent Team Apparel and Backpacks. Not only do you have your logo, customers can tap the intelligent electronics embedded within the item to engage with the content you want them to consume. For example, sport teams can resell Mann Materials Intelligent Hoodies - with a tap of the smartphone, customers or fans can access the latest playing schedules. 

Interactive Promo Giveaways: Instead of giving away traditional promotional items such as coffee cups, t-shirts, bath towels, or pens, you can now give away promo materials that are interactive. You can use this interaction to capture prospect contact details, chat with them, set up an appointment etc. The possibilities are endless to increase your response rate.

Event Tickets: Show off your pass events with your Mann Materials Intelligent Tickets. With a tap of the phone, event goers can watch promotional videos of past events - garner excitement before they enter the venue.

Reengage With Prospects On Other Platforms: Mann Materials Intelligent Data captures information about your prospect once they land on your page. Our Intelligent Data can give you the contact details, and additional insights on who landed on your page so you can retarget them via email, phone, direct mail, social media and display ads.

Content Engagement: Some prospects take time to become your clients, so nurturing them with thought leadership content is essential. Getting that content in from of them on a consistent basis is also essential. Mann Materials Intelligent Brochures can offer exclusive content accessed with a simple tap. This type of content can include promotional videos, how to instructions etc. The possibilities for engagement are endless.

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