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How Mann Materials Can Help Businesses In The Restaurant Industry

Increase Top Of Mind Awareness: Mann Materials Intelligent Fridge Magnets are a great way to keep your restaurant ad in your customer's kitchen. At a tap of a phone, they can check out new promotions, new menu items and even place a delivery order.

Increase Online Orders At Meal Time: When people get hungry around meal time, they would look in the fridge. By using Mann Materials Intelligent Magnets, you can now run fridge magnet campaigns and all customers do is tap the magnet on the fridge door, they can be linked to your restaurant's ordering page.

Make Unforgettable Customer Experiences: Make your coasters intelligent with Mann Materials Intelligent Coasters. While customers are waiting for your meal, they can tap the Intelligent Coasters to play games with your branding. This is such a great way to gamify a physical object so you customers can remember you while waiting for their meal.

Increase Customer Satisfaction: Have you tried our Mann Materials Intelligent Menus? Customers can tap the menu and are directed to promotional videos of what you have on offer. Mouth-watering videos will be a great way to help your customers decide what they want to order, compared to a boring text only menu.

Coupons and Discounts: Make sure your customers become a repeat ordering fan by allowing them to redeem coupons and discounts. Our Mann Materials Intelligent Paper Bag allow customers to tap the bag and redeem - incentivizing the next delivery order. 

Increase Restaurant Reviews: Increase your reviews online by adding an interactive Mann Materials Intelligent Tabletop Display. Customers can tap the Intelligent Tabletop Display while eating and share their experiences on their Facebook or Instagram. You can also link it to business review sites such as Yelp.

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Businesses We Have Served: Fine Dining, Bistro, Pizzeria, Fast Casual Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurants, Buffets, Ethnic Restaurants, Steakhouse

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