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How Mann Materials Can Help Businesses In The Lodging Industry

Businesses We Served In The Lodging Industry: Star Hotels, Commercial Hotels, Apartments, Resorts, Motels, Heritage Hotels, Guesthouses, Travel Lodge, Hospices, Casino Hotels

Brand Awareness: Increase brand awareness of your business by giving away our Mann Materials Intelligent Promotional products such as branded towels. These items can be kept and used by customers. When they see the logo , they are reminded of the stay with you. The interactive capability allows customers to tap and see which deals you offer.

Customer Retention: Keeping your name in front of your customer is a great way for them to contact you next time they book a stay. Mann Materials Intelligent Coffee Cup is a great promotional item to hand out. With a tap of their smartphone, they can directly go to your site to book their next holiday.

Increase Loyalty: Mann Materials Intelligent Gift Cards / Membership Cards are a great way to increase customer loyalty. By allowing customers to collect and redeem points, as well as give them discounts, this is a great way to increase your repeat business. All customers need to do is tap with smartphone to redeem!

Reengage With Prospects On Other Platforms: Mann Materials Intelligent Data captures information about your prospect once they land on your page. We can give you the contact details, and additional insights on who landed on your page so you can retarget them via email, phone, direct mail, social media and display ads.

Content Engagement: Some prospects take time to become your clients, so engaging them with interactive content is essential. Getting that content in from of them on a consistent basis is also essential. Mann Materials Intelligent Postcard marketing can offer a simple way of getting prospects to tap to watch videos of the rooms you offer.

Lead Generation: Next time you hand out marketing materials, make sure they are Mann Materials Intelligent Brochures. Potential clients can tap the card with their phone and will be directed to your website which features your accommodation.

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