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How Mann Materials Can Help Businesses In The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Companies We Have Served: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Laboratories, Veterinary Clinics, Hospitals, Independent Practitioners (Dentistry, Optometry, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy), Family Planning Centres

Product Usage Information: With a tap of a smartphone, customers can tap your Intelligent Pharmaceutical Packaging to access additional product information such as customer usage instructions, doctor advice videos etc.

Direct Customer Service: Start offering great customer service by directly linking live chat to your marketing materials such as brochures or handouts. With a tap of the phone, your customers who receive your product can talk directly with a customer service representative. Serve your customers better this way and you will definitely increase your customer retention rate.

Reengage With Prospects On Other Platforms: Mann Materials Intelligent Data captures information about your prospect once they land on your page. We can give you the contact details, and additional insights on who landed on your page so you can retarget them via email, phone, direct mail, social media and display ads.

Customer Retention: Keeping your name in front of your customer is a great way for them to contact you next time they need your services. Mann Materials Intelligent Coffee Cup is a great promotional item to hand out. With a tap of their smartphone, they can book the next appointment online.

Customer Testimonials: A great way to build your business credibility is to provide links to customer testimonial videos. You can now do this when handing out promotional materials such as calendars and drink cups or printed materials such as brochures or pamphlets.

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