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How Mann Materials Can Help The Real Estate Industry

Lead Nurturing: Intelligent Door Hangers are a great way to nurture clients with content such as showcasing videos of the homes that are currently on the market.

Lead Generation: The response rate of traditional direct mail has been declining with the rise of the internet. With Mann Materials Intelligent Direct Mail, you can increase prospect interaction by linking it to your own customer contact page. Once they fill out the inquiry form with their contact details, you can call or email them back directly. 

Customer Top Of Mind Awareness: Keep your name in front of your prospects every day of the week by sending out Mann Materials Intelligent Magnets. Fridge magnets are already a weapon in a realtors marketing toolkit - make them interactive by linking it to a live chat program - they can contact you straight away with a tap of their phone.

Lead Generation: Next time you hand out business cards, make sure they are Mann Materials Intelligent Business Cards. Potential clients can tap the card with their phone and will be directed to your own personal page, where you can showcase your listing and offers. You can also link your LinkedIn profile to your Intelligent Business Card.

Direct Customer Service: Start offering great customer service by directly linking live chat to your Mann Materials Intelligent Brochures. Next time you hand them out, customers can tap with their phones and chat with you directly.

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