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Mann Materials Intelligent Promotional Products

The problem with traditional promotional products is that they can only be used for brand awareness purposes. There is no way for the customer to interact with your brand or company once the product has been received. You also miss out on the big opportunity to collect data from your customers such as their name, contact details, social media accounts or email.


Now, instead of a regular old pen/calendar/shirt/cup with a logo on it, imagine that your customer can use their smartphone to interact with the object, such as getting into an online chat programme to answer their questions. Not only can you answer any of their questions, you can upsell, nurture or close the deal. Combine that with our intelligent big data, and you'll be able to know who they are online and offline so you can retarget them with direct mail, social and email campaigns.

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Intelligent T-Shirts

One of the most popular uses for promotional T-shirts is giveaways to own company employees. However, now instead of just a shirt with a company logo, we have made the T-Shirt intelligent and interactive. Now, your own employees can tap the logo with their smartphones and they can be directed to your company Instagram page, your company culturebook, employee manual or even a video message from the CEO.

Intelligent Polo Shirts

One of the biggest problems with traditional promotional polo shirts is that there is no customer contact. Make it easy for your customers to contact you by giving away our intelligent polo shirts where your contact details is embedded in the smart electronics of our clothing tag. Once your customer taps the tag with their phone, they are able to contact you directly, making them an instant warm lead!

Intelligent Hoodie Jackets

Embed your LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn company page so your customers can connect with you on social media.

Once your prospect is connected with you, you can then additionally run targeted ads, initiate a chat, send them a white paper, invite them to join LinkedIn groups, send an email and can see their connections too. The possibilities are endless.

Intelligent Zipper Jackets

Link your Intelligent Zipper Jackets to a live chat software so that your customers who receive these can chat with you whenever they want. Answer customer questions, nurture your leads, provide them with engaging content, set up a phone call or go in for the sale. Anything is possible!

Intelligent Pullovers

Here is a great way to increase your average order size: give out Mann Materials Intelligent Pullovers to your customers. Once they tap your logo with our printed electronics embedded in the clothing tag, they are directed to your company product page, giving them an option to purchase more complimentary products from you. Enable your customers to easily purchase from you whenever they wear your intelligent promo pullover.

Intelligent Hats

Gamify your intelligent products so they can play games with your brand at the tap of your logo. This not only increases brand loyalty, but also customer engagement.

When a potential customer plays a mobile game that has your logo on it, it not only increases brand awareness, but also brand recognition. Make your next promotional hat playable!

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Intelligent Scarfs

Learn more about your customers by making your promotional scarf with your logo embedded with a survey. You can directly know what your customer like or dislike about your product immediately without sourcing to an outside survey company. 

After they land on your page, our intelligent data can map out their customer profile and build an bigger audience based on the customers who participated in the survey

Intelligent Water Bottles

Drinkware is one of the most popular categories for promo products. This is because people love receiving something is useful like bottle or a cup. While having a logo is useful for brand impressions, that is about all it does. Our proprietary technology allows us to embed printed electronics inside the cup, underneath your logo so that customers can tap the cup with their smartphone while drinking their favorite tea or coffee. The destination is endless: webinars, video chats that help you get more customers.

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Intelligent Drink Cups

Once you hand out a Mann Materials Intelligent Drink Cup to one of your potential customers, it doesn't just act like a small billboard with your logo on it. You customers can directly tap your logo and it directs them to a chat program with your sales rep on the other end!

Think of the engagement possibilities this feature allows you to do. From customer service, to directly chatting with your company sales reps, the possibilities are endless

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Intelligent Pens

Traditional promotional pens only have logos on it. When your prospects receive it, they simply throw it away. With our intelligent pens, you can hand them out at a trade show. They can tap their phones on the pen anytime later to attend your webinar or watch a video recording of your product or services. When they land on your webinar page, we are able to know everything about them, including social media, email, address, company etc which you can then reach them via a multichannel marketing process.


Intelligent Backpacks

Backpacks are always a popular giveaway at a corporate event or trade shows. However, when your prospects receive these item, they usually use it and forget about you and your services. Our Intelligent Backpacks are different. Imagine your customers being able to interact with this bag and it directs them to a sign up form which they can enter their contact details for exclusive content. Think how many new leads you can directly get by giving these away at your next event!

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Intelligent Paper Bags

Retailers and local businesses love these. Before with traditional paper bags, it was merely thrown out, now customers can interact with it and get coupons for the next order, helping your business gain repeat business.

Customers can also directly tap the bag and be directed to a review site such as Yelp or Google Places, helping you boost your review count.

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IntelligentTravel Bag

Make it easy for your prospects to engage with you on social media by handing out our Intelligent Travel Bags. Our embroidered logo has an embedded printed electronic circuit with a chip in which prospects can interact with via a smartphone. You can direct them to your company twitter account where they can follow you and be kept updated via tweets.

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Intelligent Business Satchel

Our Mann Materials intelligent business satchels are great for handing out a corporate events, trade shows and company training sessions. Skyrocket your customer engagement by embedding a company case study in which your prospects can see how your product or service can help them. 

Intelligent Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are a very popular category in the promotional marketing segment. Now, it will be even better as it can be a direct object in which you can get prospects, leads or sales. 

Prospects who have received this item from you can put their smartphone right next to the calendar and be directed to a landing page or sign up form. Once they have entered their details, you can now email, call or send them a piece of direct mail.

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Intelligent Towels

Towels with your company logo can be a fantastic item to give away to your customers as they will keep it in their homes and use it. However, brand exposure is not enough. Our intelligent towels allow customers to directly book their next stay by interacting with the towel with their smartphone. This not only boost customer retention, it will increase your bookings from repeat customers and help with business brand engagement too.

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Intelligent Mouse Pad

Mousepads are something most people keep as a promotional material. Instead of just a boring logo, our technology allows you to put your own Youtube videos in our smart chips which is inside the mousepad. When your customer interacts with the mousepad by tapping, they can watch a video designated by you such as a product promo ad or an instructional video

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Intelligent Drink Coaster

This item is a great giveaway from brands in the hospitality industry. Whether if you own a hotel chain, pub or club, these inexpensive items are not only a good billboard to put your logo on, you can now make it interactive as well. Customers with one tap can play games, be immersed with augmented reality or you can capture their contact details with a enticing coupon or giveaway

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Intelligent Rollable Keyboard

What happens when traditional marketing techniques like SEO, PPC, banner ads become expensive and competitive? What is an innovative new way of getting quality leads and prospects? Our Intelligent Rollable Keyboard bypasses the traditional expensive ad platforms by combining a useful object embedded with sign up forms and appointment setting forms. Once they use the keyboard, lead data capture page is just a tap away.

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Intelligent Pill Box

Healthcare companies can do more by giving out customers intelligent promotional materials. Our intelligent pill box are a good way to not only increase your brand awareness, it can also directly improve your businesses' bottom line. Instead of just a traditional pill box with your logo, your patients can now tap this pill box with their smartphone and book their appointment, reorder their medication or read content you provide.

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