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How Mann Materials Can Help Businesses In The Education Sector

Education Sector Businesses We Served: Primary and Secondary Schools, Montessori Schools, Colleges And Universities, Technical & Trade Schools, Tutoring Services, Test Prep Services

Student/Alumini Testimonials: One of the best things to hand out to potential students are satchels or backpacks with your school logo. You can now make them intelligent with our embedded printable electronic technology. Students can now tap the logo on the bag and watch videos of student testimonials to courses they want to apply for.

Student Community Building: Start building a community of potential and current students by attracting them to join your online community forums. Hand out Mann Materials Intelligent Coffee Cups - with a simple tap, they can access the forums while enjoying their daily coffee. Share stories and experiences to keep your students engaged!

Content Engagement: Some prospects take time to become your clients, so nurturing them with thought leadership content is essential. Getting that content in from of them on a consistent basis is also essential. Mann Materials Intelligent Brochures can offer access to exclusive content like articles and seminars or lectures.

Increase Social Media Engagement: Next time you hand out promotional materials, make sure they are Mann Materials Intelligent Pens. Potential students can tap the Intelligent Pen with their phone and will be directed to a social media page such as Instagram or Facebook.

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