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Far too often businesses offer the ability to schedule a demo or meeting from their website just to make the visitor fill out a form with hopes that someone, let alone the right person, will notice it and reach out! Stop letting interested leads and prospects fall through the cracks. It’s time to stop frustrating prospects and waste good leads. Ditch the forms and let them schedule confirmed demos with representatives across your team.


End the calling, chasing, and waiting while capturing more qualified leads and scheduling confirmed demo appointments directly on their calendars. Distribute demos evenly across a team to maximize availability while letting your prospects and customers schedule at a date and time they choose. 


Mann Materials Intelligent Products are the perfect medium to assist potential prospects in booking an appointment with you!


Customer Appointment


Webinars are essentially virtual events, where a large group of people can gather online and learn more about a specific topic by listening to presentations from expert speakers. It doesn’t matter where delegates are located – as long as there is an internet connection, anyone can participate, making it a very efficient communication strategy.  

Webinars are highly engaging, as participants can ask questions to the speaker and get a response in real time. They eliminate barriers to communication and help you build stronger relationships with customers because webinars give them a voice. 

It’s also a great way to better understand your customers because the questions they ask and the topics they engage with the most will give you insight into their pain points, allowing you to adapt future marketing to better target this audience. The interactivity of a live video is often more engaging than someone reading the same information from a screen.   


Quality lead generation 

To participate in a webinar, a person is required to register with their email address and contact details, so just by hosting, your business is getting qualified leads. People are happy to provide their contact details if they feel like they are getting value in return; and by signing up to learn about a particular topic, you are guaranteed that these leads are already interested in this topic area. 

After the webinar is finished, these leads can then be added to your marketing nurture tracks and be sent follow up information that is relevant for them. This is a great way to get your message across to an already engaged audience.  

Establish your business as an authority 

People participate in webinars to learn more about a topic that they’re either interested in, or that could help them in their day to day working lives. If you can offer great educational content to them, it will establish your business as an authority on the topic. 

This positions your business as an expert in their eyes and builds a level of trust, so if they require products or services in the future, they are more likely to think of your company over others.     


Schedule Meeting / Conference Call

Though it will take time for this to occur, there are a number of ways that an appointment setting system can benefit a business. Not only can it increase earnings over time, but it can help to drum up business as well as ensure that repeat business is secured. Though the implementation of an appointment software, you can begin to drive sales and increase earnings over time due to effective management. This gives off a great first impression for a business and can help to generate more leads with face to face sales experience that you do not receive with telemarketing.

Maintaining a brand image can be difficult as you want to give across the best possible impression and by implementing appointment meetings you can begin to streamline the process and make the best possible first impression. Whether this is through an external service or a shared calendar around the office this can help you to give off the best possible impression for your business. By linking this to a calendar you can then send emails to potential clients outlining the meeting plan as well as organising the meeting and location for a place that works for both of you.

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