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Mann Materials Intelligent Data 

1. Intelligent Object Interaction: Prospect or customer interacts with Mann Materials Intelligent Object by tapping with smartphone.

2. Audience Identification: When customers land on your Mann Materials Intelligent Interaction page, such as a promotional video, white paper or an article, our intelligent data technology can help you identify who this prospect is.

3. Audience Data Enrichment: You can now use this information and increase the dataset of your customers and engaging with them via direct mail, display ads, email or social media.

4. Cross Channel Prospect Building: Once you have a large number of prospects, we can identify certain attributes of this customer base, and increase your audience size based on this attribute.

Intelligent Object Interaction

With printed electronics embedded within Mann Material Intelligent objects, the consumer can tap the product with a smartphone like with Apple Pay or Android Pay. Once the URL is detected by the phone, it is sent to a cloud server. The URL which is determined by you (encoded into the printed electronics by us in the factory) is then sent to a cloud server. The server responds with the campaign linked to the URL, which is then displayed on the consumer's smartphone. 


Audience Identification

Many of the best prospects of any business are hiding in plain sight. 95% of all website visitors come and leave without you knowing who they are.


Impactful analytics and marketing efforts require an accurate view of customer identity. Once customers land on the webpage directed by the URL, our Mann Materials Intelligent Data can help you identify who this customer is.  

Stop guessing who your customers really are and start knowing, with accurate and enriched identity data. 

Audience Data Enrichment

We match our database data with any known or unknown customer information you have. It’s designed to onboard all data and fill in the blanks, providing an output of cross-channel actionable data to be used as the foundation for your marketing campaign executions.

Enrich customer identity data with demographic, psychographic and behavioral attributes to personalize your marketing and provide relevance across channels.

Our data is compiled, verified and enhanced with more than 100 fields of demographic, behavioral, financial, property, segmentation, and geographic attributes.


Cross Channel Prospect Building

You’ve identified what the ideal customer profile makeup looks like, but you know you’re only engaged with a fraction of the universe of people that fit this profile. We can expand your audience based on your ideal customer attributes so you can target others who are similar to your current customers.


Our proprietary solution will help you identify not only additional characteristics about your audience, but help you locate and determine the most effective and efficient channels to reach the more of the target audience universe. Now brands have the opportunity to stay engaged with your ideal consumers already interested in your products and services through multi-channel retargeting in the most effective channels, including email, social, display or postal.

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