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How Mann Materials Can Help Businesses In The Manufacturing Industry

Types Of Companies We Have Served: Building Materials Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Medical Devices & Equipment, Pet Products, Telecommunications Equipment, Tires & Rubber, Plastics

Sales Lead Gathering: One of the most popular items to give out for marketing in the manufacturing B2B sector is promo drinkware. Now, prospective leads can be sipping on a coffee cup with your logo and tap the logo to fill out their contact details in exchange for a white paper.

Trade Show/Convention Promotion: Next time you hand out a promotional pen or T-shirt at a trade show, make sure its from Mann Materials. With our embedded intelligence, prospective leads can tap to download case studies while filling your CRM with their contact details.

Direct Customer Service: Start offering great customer service by directly linking live chat to your packaging or packaging insert. With a tap of the phone, your customers who receive your product can talk directly with a customer service representative. Serve your customers better this way and you will definitely increase your customer retention rates.

Get Insights Into Your Prospects: Mann Materials Intelligent Data captures information about your prospect once they land on your page. We can give you the contact details, and additional insights on who landed on your page so you can retarget them via email, phone, direct mail, social media and display ads.

Customer Retention: Keeping your name in front of your customer is a great way for them to contact you next time they need your services. Mann Materials Intelligent Coffee Cup is a great promotional item to hand out. With a tap of their smartphone, they can type out in a short sentence what their needs are and get a callback from you.

Content Engagement: Some prospects take time to become your clients, so nurturing them with thought leadership content is essential. Getting that content in front of them on a consistent basis is also essential. Mann Materials Intelligent Brochures can offer access gated and exclusive content. Prospects can fill our their contact details in exchange for exclusive case studies and white papers.

Lead Generation: Next time you hand out business cards, make sure they are Mann Materials Intelligent Business Cards. Potential clients can tap the card with their phone and will be directed to a webinar you have hosted - watch your solution to their problems. You can link your LinkedIn profile to your Intelligent Business Cards too!

Enable Direct Online B2B Ordering: We can make your catalog/brochure intelligent by embedding a link into the paper in which customers can tap with their smartphones. Customers will be directed to a product order page or RFQ page.

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