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Augmented Reality

There is a finite amount of space on each package, which limits the amount of information you can share with consumers. By adding our printed electronics and chip, you can leverage that space with augmented reality to provide more consumer information, thus expanding the reach and impact of your package design without adversely impacting the design.


Augmented reality allows designers and marketers to expand their canvas beyond the physical object and provide information elsewhere when using a virtual lens such as your smartphone.

Perhaps one of the most unique advantages of augmented reality with package design is that your consumers are no longer restricted to static images and text. You can use the interaction between our Mann Materials Intelligent Objects to show consumers how your product looks in a realistic environment and have them interact with your product.


This virtual interaction can help consumers understand your product better. Augmented reality can also help portray the value of the product, how to actually use it, how it is assembled and used, and how it functions.


Some brands have already taken advantage of amazing ways you can add augmented reality to packaging


One exceptional advantage to using augmented reality is that, since the augmented reality content is virtual, you are also able to update and change the content without having to recreate the packaging. This helps prevent packaging from becoming outdated. Instead, you can easily update messaging, promotions, and any other type of content just like you would update your website. Once they are interacting with your AR content, our Mann Materials Intelligent Data can tell you much more about who your customers are, including their contact details, so you can run multichannel campaigns on other platforms.

Brands have created mini games that earn you promotions, scanning custom codes to unlock objects, or even creating a 3D model of the product allowing you to interact with it. The possibilities for creating brand engagement and excitement are truly endless.

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