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Customer Information Capture

Landing Page


Just as your website contains information that influences a visitor’s decision to take action, a good landing page will do the same. A landing page sets up a clear action for users to take and makes it as easy as possible for them to take that action. This is known as your call to action. As a result, you will see more of that action being taken (also known as conversion). Landing pages benefit your business because more conversions typically leads to more customers and more money for your business. When a potential customer taps a Mann Materials Intelligent Object, they can be directed to a landing page. Customer details such as email, phone, address, company can be captured and added to your customer prospect list.

Gated/Exclusive Content

Gated content is online content that you have to fill in a form to get access to. This content could be just about anything: articles, videos, white papers, etc. The form itself might ask just for your email address, or you might need to provide your name, phone number, or other personal information in exchange for access.

Gated content is also referred to as locked content. Quality content can be shared with your prospects in exchange with their contact information. You are now able to engage with your customers by giving them exclusive content even if they are not on your website. Attending a trade show or conference? Hand out a intelligent company brochure which prospects can tap and get exclusive content while capturing their contact details.

Sign Up Form

In addition to increasing leads and conversions, sign up forms also help businesses grow their mailing lists and learn more about the people interested in their company and products.

The point of your sign up form is to provide a way for website visitors to opt into your communications or gain more information about your business. A good form makes the opt-in process simple and increases the number of conversions.

Sign up forms are a way to generate leads and build your mailing lists. They also allow you to learn more about the people most interested in your brand, products and services. With a simple, visually appealing and easy-to-follow sign up form, you will increase your conversions.

By using Mann Intelligent Materials, you can literally turn any printed paper, promotional object or packaging into a sign up form. Watch your pcustomer list grow exponentially!


Free trials

Getting exposure for new products can be challenging, especially with the number of products available in retail stores and online. Imagine you are selling a new laundry detergent. You have a lot of competition and know the only way you may get consumers to try your product is to give them a free trial or sample to try. Offering a free trial is a method of giving the key audience a sample to use and test. The goal is to increase sales and encourage word-of-mouth marketing about the new item.


Offering free trials for a limited period or of a limited quantity is a good marketing strategy to capitalize on the leads you get. Free trials really work well when you are confident about the quality of your product/service and when you offer a new product. There are many advantages of offering free trials.

  • It makes an impression that your company/product can be trusted.

  • It provides an opportunity to customers to compare your product with others.

  • Most peoples utilize free trails to get most out of them; which will create a routine in their minds and can eventually make your product necessary for them. 

  • Free trials let customers accustomed to new technologies and products; most peoples don’t want to test things by spending money on them.

Mann Materials Intelligent Paper, Mann Materials Intelligent Packaging, Mann Materials Intelligent Plastics and Promotional Materials can be used as a medium for which offline customers can be bought online to sign up for a free trial.


Sign Up To Newsletter

Talk to any marketer these days and you’ll be told the same thing: You need an email list and you need to work hard at building that list.

Part of building a successful list is sending regular email newsletters.

Your email list is also a safer bet than followers on social media. At any point, a social media site can shut down and you’ll lose access to your audience. But an email list is something that you own. However, how do you get offline prospects to sign up for an email list? Mann Materials Intelligent Objects can do just that with just a tap of a phone.

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