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Live Chat Engagement

Live chat support is one of the most dynamic ways to communicate with your customers. With live chat, you can turn every interaction with visitors to your website into a better experience and build longer relationships. Live chat is the best way to go beyond your customer’s expectations and improve customer experience when communicating with them. Companies that deliver good live chat support see an increase in customer satisfaction and higher sales.

Customers prefer using live chat over other ways of getting support. They get answers to their questions immediately, without leaving their computer or smartphone. They don’t need to remember the phone number to call or wait for hours to get a response to their questions.  



Support agents can share links to FAQs, instructional videos, documents and other resources though live chat. Customers can also share their screens with agents to help them better understand the issues. These features make live chat the best support tool and improve customer satisfaction.  

However, the problem has always been: how do you chat with your prospects or customers if you don't meet them face to face or if they are not on your website? Mann Materials Intelligent Objects can now link you directly to a live chat page.

What does this mean for your business? Now you can use Mann Materials Intelligent Products as a gateway to direct live chat. Customers can tap an Intelligent Business Brochure, Intelligent T-Shirt or Intelligent Packaging to instantly chat with a sales representative or customer support.

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