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Build Your Own Pickleball Courts


Whether you have an existing business and want to add pickleball courts to your facility, or you are an entrepreneur who want to start a pickleball business - we can help you increase revenue and profits

Pickleball Court Flooring Rolls for indoor and outdoor

Roll our court on any hard, flat surface to transform it into a tournament quality pickleball court. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, permanent or temporary courts!

Our solution is used extensively by:

  • Hotels & Resorts

  • Parks & Recreation Facilities

  • Sports Clubs

  • Golf Courses & Country Clubs

  • Gym & Fitness Clubs

  • RV Parks & Campgrounds

  • Company Functions & Events

  • Cruise Ships

  • HOAs & Residential Communities

  • Malls & Retail Spaces

  • Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Roll out your Pickleball court on any hard, flat surface
Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 1

Build a court anywhere

Transforms any hard sub-surface into a tournament quality court

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 2
Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 3

Quality Backed Warranty

Our high product quality is backed by a 3 year material warranty

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 4
Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 5

Low injury rates

Acrylic sand coating ensures excellent grip and prevents slipping, reducing the risk of injuries.

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 6

Permanent or temporary

Optional temporary installation with double-sided tape or permanent installation with cold weld process

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 7

Consistent Bounce

Championship calibre surface - No more unpredictable bounces from inconsistent surfaces like raw asphalt and concrete

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 8

Easy to install

Can be installed in 1-2 hours

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 9

Lowest Price Guarantee

Give us a competing quote and we will beat it by 10%!

Tournament Quality Gameplay

Tournament quality surface ensures no ball skipping and skidding - it plays exactly like a professional championship surface

Visually Stunning

Visually stunning to enhance your venue’s aesthetic

Build a traditional court = $25,000-$50,000

Roll our product over any hard flat surface = $4999

Product Description

Product Details

Court Size Options: 20x44', 28x60', 36x60'

Thickness: 3mm

Roll Size: 6.6 x 33 ft

Number Of Rolls: 5-7

Weight: 198 pound/roll

Color Options: Light Blue + Dark Navy Blue - Customized colors available upon request

Logos & Graphics: Customized logos & graphics available upon request

Mann Materials Pickleball Court Roll

Mann Materials Pickleball Court Roll is a flooring roll designed to be rolled out on a hard, flat surface – instantly turning it into a championship court. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a high quality and cost-effective pickleball court solution.

It can be installed indoors or outdoors, temporarily or permanently – making it suitable for any environment or weather condition.

Use case: For both temporary or permanent pickleball court installations. For temporary pickleball courts, a double sided outdoor/indoor tape is used to secure the court to the ground. For permanent installations, a cold weld process is used with outdoor epoxy glue.

Environment: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

Weather Resistant: Yes - suitable for all weather conditions including rain, sun, snow. Our anti-aging and anti-UV technology makes it weather resistant.

Surface: Acrylic sand coating to prevent slips and injuries

Price Match Guarantee • We will beat any competing price by 10%

Product Range

Mann Materials Full Court

Size: 20x44'

Pricing: $4999

Mann Materials Pickleball Full Court
Mann Materials Pickleball Elite Court
Mann Materials Pickleball Championship Court

Mann Materials
Elite Court

Size: 28x60'

Pricing: $8999

Mann Materials Championship Court

Size: 36x60'

Pricing: $10999

Roll out a pickleball court anywhere outdoor
Make money by setting up your own pickleball courts

Revenue Streams From Pickleball Courts

From Court Rentals:

The average market rate of pickleball court rental is $20/hr. Assuming a 10 hour daily play time and an 80% occupancy rate, the daily potential revenue is $160 per day or $58400 per year.


4 Courts x per court potential revenue: $58400 x 4 = $233600 per year

8 Courts x per court potential revenue: $58400 x 8 = $467200 per year

From Tournaments:

Depending on how many courts you have and how well you market the tournament, on average you can see up to 50-300 attendees. For example the Loma Linda University Drayson Centre hosted their pickleball tournament and they got over 280 people to register.


e.g $80 per person x 100 people tournament = $8000 revenue for a 4 court tournament space. *$2000 per court assuming 4 courts used in the tournament

From Gear Sales & Rental

Access to our exclusive gear at wholesale prices. For example, our USAPA approved paddles gives you profit margins of $100 worth of profit for each resale. Other items in our catalog include pickleball bags and apparel.

From Corporate Events:

$1000+/day per court by hosting in house corporate events by existing businesses or entrepreneurs can host pop up pickleball engagement events at trade shows

From Lessons

Coaches can make $50 an hour or more. If you are teaching a group of 4, expect to make $150 per hour.

Estimated Total Revenue

Mann Materials Elite Court Cost: $9,999 (includes shipping/equipment)


Potential Revenue From Court Rentals (300 days): $58,400

Potential Revenue From Tournaments (10 tournaments): $20,000

Potential Revenue From Gear Sales (100 sold): $10,000

Potential Revenue From Corporate Events (20 Events): $20,000

Potential Revenue From Lessons: $50-$100/per hour per person


Potential Revenue Per Year: $58400 + $20,000 + $10,000 + $20,000 = $108,400 per court

Potential Revenue Per Year From 4 Elite Courts = $433,600

Potential Revenue Per Year From 8 Elite Courts = $867,200

Estimated ROI

ROI is $108,400/$9,999 = 1084%

Roll out a pickleball court anywhere indoor

Advantages of our product:

Don’t have the budget to build pickleball courts? Building pickleball courts is not cheap. If you need excavation, foundation prep work, concrete slab installation and court surfacing, a single court may cost up to $50,000 each. This means you need to spend over $400,000+ if you plan on building 8 courts.


Our product is suitable for those who have a tighter budget – it allows you to make use of flat surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or wood surface (or existing infrastructure such as tennis courts, parking lots, indoor areas) and transform it into a tournament quality pickleball surface for less than $4999.

Want to make up to $850k by starting your own Pickleball Business?

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