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Transforming The Way You Interact With Customers Using The Internet Of Things



Intelligent Materials

Your customers can now use smartphones to interact with physical objects with a simple tap, which can direct them to personalized content to help you sell more of your product. These physical objects such as our Mann Materials Intelligent paper, packaging, promotional materials and plastics are now intelligent and interactive.

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Intelligent Interactions

Intelligent Interactions turn living products into platforms for consumer experience innovation, so you can deliver exclusive, personalized and interactive content at the tap of a phone. It gives you unprecedented insights into your customers and the ability to deliver innovative experiences in the real world.


Intelligent Data

Our intelligent data technology provides the ability to take the limited amounts of customer data available on current audiences and connects the dots across multiple digital channels, helping to reach your customer identity objectives.


How Mann Materials Intelligent Products + Intelligent Data Work

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Mann Materials intertwines mobile technology with the Internet of Things (IOT), Intelligent Interactions, Big Data to help businesses skyrocket their marketing and sales performance. 


Our state of the art manufacturing process allows us to create 3D objects such as marketing/promotional materials that are “intelligent”. Smartphones can now interact with these objects with a simple tap. Customers are then directed to a designated location where they can initiate a live chat with a sales rep, watch a customer video testimonial, download a case study or fill out a form. The possibilities are endless to skyrocket your marketing ROI and business profit.


Our Big Data algorithm will then be able to recognise the customer by matching details with our database and enriching their contact points so that you have the opportunity to retarget them using other marketing channels such as social media, email, phone or direct mail.


Imagine The Possibilities



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