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Increase occupancy rate for cruises with pickleball courts

Pickleball is rapidly dominating sports culture worldwide and a wave of cruise ships are looking to capitalize on its surging popularity. Mann Materials Pickleball is a manufacturer of pickleball court flooring rolls - you can instantly transform your deck into a tournament quality court to attract players of the fastest growing sport

Pickleball Court Flooring Rolls for Cruise Ships

Roll our court on deck to transform it into a professional court. Pickleball is a driver of significant revenue for cruise ships due to high demand. 

The introduction of pickleball courts on cruise ships marks a significant shift towards more diverse and inclusive recreational offerings aboard these floating resorts. This trend caters not only to the sport's burgeoning fan base but also introduces a fun, accessible activity that passengers of all ages can enjoy together. As cruise lines strive to enhance guest experiences and tap into new entertainment trends, adding pickleball courts represents a savvy move to blend fitness with leisure. Thus, as ships traverse the globe, they bring with them not just travelers but a vibrant community of pickleball enthusiasts ready to serve up some fun at sea.

Roll out your Pickleball court on any hard, flat surface
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Increase occupancy rates

Increase repeat guest rate

Increase your cruise offerings to attract new customers – opportunity to attract players of the fastest growing sport!

Pickleball players love to book cruises that offer their favourite sport and will increase repeat bookings

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Increase average daily rate

The average pickleball player's income is higher than the average population - having these courts will attract higher daily rates

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 4

Increase guest engagement

Pickleball is a low impact sport people of all ages and fitness levels can participate in

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 5

Increase online ratings

Visually beautiful which can enhance your venue’s aesthetics – perfect for guest generated content and reviews

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Stand out from the competition

By offering an exclusive activity to gain an advantage over competitors

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Increase customer satisfaction

Tournament quality surface ensures true pickleball bounces, with no ball skidding and skipping and erratic bounces

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Low Maintenance Cost

Minimal maintenance is needed compared to other amenities

Benefits Of Adding Pickleball Court To Cruise Ships

Adding pickleball courts to cruise ships introduces a multitude of benefits, enhancing the overall cruising experience for passengers. This fast-growing sport offers an engaging and accessible form of physical activity that appeals to all ages and skill levels, promoting healthy lifestyles even while on vacation. The addition of pickleball courts encourages social interaction among guests, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie as passengers come together for friendly matches or organized tournaments.    


It also provides an alternative entertainment option, diversifying the onboard activities and potentially reducing overcrowding in other areas such as pools or dining facilities. Furthermore, by incorporating one of the fastest-growing sports in North America into their amenities, cruise lines can attract a broader demographic, appealing to those who seek active and social vacation options.

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Introducing pickleball courts to cruise ships has significantly enhanced the passenger experience, creating a vibrant community atmosphere on the open seas. Passengers have enthusiastically embraced this addition, sharing feedback that highlights the sport's ease of learning and its fun, engaging nature as key factors in their enjoyment. The courts have become bustling hubs of activity, where friendships are forged over friendly matches under the sun or stars. Guests frequently commend the inclusivity pickleball promotes, noting its appeal across various age groups and skill levels. This social aspect has been particularly praised, with many passengers reporting that participating in games has added a memorable and enjoyable dimension to their voyage. Cruise lines have observed an uptick in passenger satisfaction scores related to onboard activities since integrating pickleball into their amenity offerings, underscoring its positive impact on enhancing the cruise experience.

Price Match Guarantee • We will beat any competing price by 10%

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Cruises with pickleball courts 

Regents Cruises: Seven Seas Explorer, Seven Seas Splendor

Princess Cruises: Sky Princesss, Enchanted Princess

Carnival Cruises: Carnival Breeze, Carnival Celebration, Carnival Firenze, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Jubilee, Carnival Legend, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Panorama, Carnival Pride, Carnival Spirit, Carnival Splendor, Carnival Venezia, Carnival Vista and Mardi Gras.

Celebrity Cruises: Celebrity Beyond, Celebrity Apex, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Millennium, Celebrity Summit

MSC Cruises: MSC Euribia

AmaWaterways: AmaMagna

Crystal Cruises

Holland America

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Build a court anywhere

Transforms any hard sub-surface into a tournament quality court

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Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 11

Quality Backed Warranty

Our high product quality is backed by a 3 year material warranty

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 12
Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 13

Low injury rates

Acrylic sand coating ensures excellent grip and prevents slipping, reducing the risk of injuries.

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 14

Permanent or temporary

Optional temporary installation with double-sided tape or permanent installation via cold weld

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 15

Consistent Bounce

Championship calibre surface - No more unpredictable bounces from inconsistent surfaces like raw asphalt and concrete

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 16

Easy to install

Can be installed in 1-2 hours

Mann Materials Pickleball Graphic 17

Lowest Price Guarantee

Give us a competing quote and we will beat it by 10%!

Tournament Quality Gameplay

Tournament quality surface ensures no ball skipping and skidding - it plays exactly like a professional championship surface

Visually Stunning

Visually stunning to enhance your venue’s aesthetic

Product Description

Product Details

Court Size Options: 20x44', 28x60', 36x60'

Thickness: 3mm

Roll Size: 6.6 x 33 ft

Number Of Rolls: 5-7

Weight: 198 pound/roll

Color Options: Light Blue + Dark Navy Blue - Customized colors available upon request

Logos & Graphics: Customized logos & graphics available upon request

Mann Materials Pickleball Court Roll

Mann Materials Pickleball Court Roll is a flooring roll designed to be rolled out on a hard, flat surface – instantly turning it into a championship court. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a high quality and cost-effective pickleball court solution.

It can be installed indoors or outdoors, temporarily or permanently – making it suitable for any environment or weather condition.

Use case: For both temporary or permanent pickleball court installations. For temporary pickleball courts, a double sided outdoor/indoor tape is used to secure the court to the ground. For permanent installations, a cold weld process is used with outdoor epoxy glue.

Environment: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

Weather Resistant: Yes - suitable for all weather conditions including rain, sun, snow. Our anti-aging and anti-UV technology makes it weather resistant.

Surface: Acrylic sand coating to prevent slips and injuries

Product Range

Mann Materials Pickleball Full Court
Mann Materials Pickleball Elite Court
Mann Materials Pickleball Championship Court

Mann Materials Full Court

Size: 20x44'

Pricing: $4999

Mann Materials
Elite Court

Size: 28x60'

Pricing: $8999

Mann Materials Championship Court

Size: 36x60'

Pricing: $10999

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