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Add pickleball courts to your school or college

Pickleball is rapidly dominating sports culture worldwide and a wave of schools are looking to capitalize on its surging popularity. Mann Materials Pickleball is a manufacturer of pickleball court flooring rolls - you can instantly transform any indoor or outdoor space into a tournament quality court for students

Pickleball Court Flooring Rolls for indoor and outdoor

Do you have under-utilized space indoor and outdoors? Roll our court on any hard surface to transform it into a professional court. The benefits of having Mann Materials Pickleball Courts include:

  • After school programs

  • Pickleball lessons & coaching

  • Pickleball school tournaments

  • Increased student participation

  • Better learning outcomes

  • Promote health & fitness

Roll out your Pickleball court on any hard, flat surface
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Engaging Youth & Reducing Street Activities

One of the primary advantages of incorporating pickleball into the education system is its ability to captivate the interest of young individuals. By providing accessible and engaging sports facilities, you can offer an attractive alternative to street activities. Pickleball courts in schools will act as magnets, attracting youth and encouraging them to participate in physical activity, socialize, and channel their energy into a positive outlet. This, in turn, will reduce the involvement of young individuals in activities that may hinder their educational journey and personal development.

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Improve School Attendance & Performance

The integration of pickleball into schools holds immense potential to boost attendance rates. By creating a school environment that prioritizes physical activity and fun, students will be more motivated to come to school regularly. The excitement and sense of community that pickleball fosters can significantly contribute to a positive school culture, reinforcing the importance of education and encouraging students to actively participate in their academic journey.

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Engaging In Regular Physical Activity

Playing pickleball has been proven to enhance cognitive functions, memory retention, and overall academic performance. By incorporating pickleball into physical education curricula or after-school programs, schools can provide students with a well-rounded education that promotes physical health, mental well-being, and academic success. The combination of physical activity and education not only improves focus and concentration but also fosters discipline, teamwork, and problem-solving skills among students.

Creating Accessible Pickleball Facilities

To maximize the impact of pickleball on education and youth development, it is essential to ensure that every school across the country has access to pickleball courts. Collaborative efforts between government bodies, educational institutions, and community organizations can help secure the necessary funding and resources for the construction of these facilities. Furthermore, partnerships with local businesses, sports organizations, and philanthropic foundations can provide ongoing support, including equipment, training, and maintenance of the courts.

Community Engagement And Mentorship

Beyond school settings, pickleball can also serve as a platform for community engagement and mentorship programs. Local pickleball clubs and organizations can collaborate with schools to offer workshops, clinics, and tournaments. This collaborative approach will not only introduce more young individuals to the sport but also provide them with opportunities to interact with experienced players, coaches, and mentors. These connections can inspire and motivate youth, promoting positive role models and fostering a sense of belonging and personal growth.


Advantages of our product:

Don’t have the budget to build pickleball courts? Building pickleball courts is not cheap. If you need excavation, foundation prep work, concrete slab installation and court surfacing, a single court may cost up to $25,000-$50,000 each. This means you need to spend over $400,000+ if you plan on building 8 courts.


Our product is suitable for those who have a tighter budget – it allows you to make use of flat surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or wood surface (or existing infrastructure such as indoor gymnasiums, parking lots, playgrounds) and transform it into a tournament quality pickleball surface for less than $4999.

Build a traditional court = $25,000-$50,000

Roll our product over any hard flat surface = $4999

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Exclusive Equipment Discount - For Schools & Colleges

With the purchase of any Mann Materials Pickleball Court, you get access to our special school discount. Our USAPA approved paddles start at $30 each (retail price is $200) - all branded with your optional logo.

Our quality portable nets also comes free with any court purchase

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Build a court anywhere

Transforms any hard sub-surface into a tournament quality court

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Quality Backed Warranty

Our high product quality is backed by a 3 year material warranty

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Low injury rates

Acrylic sand coating ensures excellent grip and prevents slipping, reducing the risk of injuries.

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Permanent or temporary

Optional temporary installation with double-sided tape or permanent installation via cold weld

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Consistent Bounce

Championship calibre surface - No more unpredictable bounces from inconsistent surfaces like raw asphalt and concrete

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Easy to install

Can be installed in 1-2 hours

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Lowest Price Guarantee

Give us a competing quote and we will beat it by 10%!

Tournament Quality Gameplay

Tournament quality surface ensures no ball skipping and skidding - it plays exactly like a professional championship surface

Visually Stunning

Visually stunning to enhance your venue’s aesthetic

Product Description

Product Details

Court Size Options: 20x44', 28x60', 36x60'

Thickness: 3mm

Roll Size: 6.6 x 33 ft

Number Of Rolls: 5-7

Weight: 198 pound/roll

Color Options: Light Blue + Dark Navy Blue - Customized colors available upon request

Logos & Graphics: Customized logos & graphics available upon request

Mann Materials Pickleball Court Roll

Mann Materials Pickleball Court Roll is a flooring roll designed to be rolled out on a hard, flat surface – instantly turning it into a championship court. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a high quality and cost-effective pickleball court solution.

It can be installed indoors or outdoors, temporarily or permanently – making it suitable for any environment or weather condition.

Use case: For both temporary or permanent pickleball court installations. For temporary pickleball courts, a double sided outdoor/indoor tape is used to secure the court to the ground. For permanent installations, a cold weld process is used with outdoor epoxy glue.

Environment: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

Weather Resistant: Yes - suitable for all weather conditions including rain, sun, snow. Our anti-aging and anti-UV technology makes it weather resistant.

Surface: Acrylic sand coating to prevent slips and injuries

Product Range

Mann Materials Pickleball Full Court
Mann Materials Pickleball Elite Court
Mann Materials Pickleball Championship Court

Mann Materials Full Court

Size: 20x44'

Pricing: $4999

Mann Materials
Elite Court

Size: 28x60'

Pricing: $8999

Mann Materials Championship Court

Size: 36x60'

Pricing: $10999

Price Match Guarantee • We will beat any competing price by 10%


Benefits of temporary pickleball court rolls

Building temporary pickleball courts is suitable for those seeking a quick, efficient solution to enjoy pickleball without the long-term commitment or expense. Using Mann Materials Pickleball rolls is the best option and here is why:


Cost Effective

The cost-effectiveness of temporary pickleball court rolls over traditional hard courts is a significant factor to consider. The investment in temporary rolls is markedly less than pouring concrete or laying asphalt for a permanent surface. The cost to build a traditional court cost up to $20,000-$50,000 each. If you have an existing flat, hard surface, you can directly roll our courts on and turn it into a tournament quality court for less than $4999



Multilingual Functionality

These roll-out courts offer mobility, allowing them to be used in multipurpose spaces without dedicating a permanent area to pickleball. Roll these out at events, trade shows, parks, parking lots, any indoor rooms or outdoor space – anywhere and anytime. This adaptability extends their value as they can be deployed or stored based on seasonal demand or event schedules, reducing the need for costly year-round maintenance associated with hard courts


No Complicated Approvals And Permits

Getting approved for building permanent pickleball courts is a headache and a long complicated process. Navigating local zoning laws and building permits is a crucial step in the process of constructing pickleball courts. This phase requires a detailed understanding of municipal regulations and a strategic approach to compliance. Securing a building permit is another critical step in this process. The permit application typically requires submitting detailed plans of the proposed construction, including dimensions, materials, and site impact assessments. With temporary courts, complicated building permits and approvals are not needed



Great for multi-use spaces or areas where permanent courts are not feasible. For example, to build pickleball courts, many organizations must destroy existing basketball courts, tennis courts or existing infrastructure. With this product, you can roll it directly on existing courts to cater for pickleball players and then roll it back up. This keeps both pickleball players happy and tennis/basketball players happy


Easy To Install

Advanced Tech

Setting up a temporary roll-out court is remarkably straightforward, requiring minimal tools and labor. This simple process allows you to do it yourself – anytime and anywhere. This contrasts sharply with the construction of a hard court, which demands extensive preparation, including excavation, sub-base installation, surfacing, and curing -  incurring higher costs due to the materials and professional services required


Enhanced Player Safety

The texture of temporary courts is engineered for optimal grip, reducing slip-related accidents without compromising on player mobility. Our acrylic sand surfacing increases safety and playability – not only elevating the game experience but also encourages longer, more enjoyable play sessions free from slipping and injury worries

Permanent Courts

The benefit of Mann Materials Rolls for permanent courts

Flexibility: Take advantage of existing space and existing infrastructure. Build a permanent court indoor & outdoor anywhere with a hard, flat surface

Cost Effective: Cost to construct a traditional court from scratch can cost up to $25,000-$50,000. If you currently have a hard & flat surface, you can roll our product on it for less than $4999

Low Maintenance Cost: The cost to resurface traditional asphalt & concrete courts could cost up to $10,000 - $20,000 while Mann Materials maintenance cost is minimal

No cracking: Our product also comes with proprietary non-crack surface technology

Problems with

Asphalt Courts:

The main disadvantage of asphalt courts is their tendency to crack. Asphalt cracks can be as wide as between two and four inches and enlarge with time. The upkeep costs can quickly amount and too many cracks will cause inconsistent bounces making the surface unplayable.


The other disadvantage of asphalt courts, especially with acrylic surfacing is the maintenance is very expensive. You have to have it resurfaced fairly regularly to stay nice. It must be resurfaced each year and the sealer dries out the asphalt and continued sealing will cause cracking. 

Concrete Courts:

Concrete is inherently a material that absorbs moisture. This can lead to the formation of gaps in the surface over time, causing the top layer, if applied, to swell in certain areas. As a result, players can lose their footing if they step on these uneven parts, resulting in falls and head injuries.

Direct coated acrylic surfacing with a concrete base will cause cracks to show on the surface due to the inelasticity to hold surface tension. 


Surface blistering is one of the most common issues with athletic outdoor courts. Blistering occurs when the paint surface of the court losses its adhesion with the underlying surface (concrete, asphalt, etc). Once the surface paint loses its adhesion with the surface beneath, water, dirt, and other substances are able to get in between the paint layer and hard surface.

Cracking problem with traditional asphalt Pickleball Court
Cracking problem with traditional Pickleball Court

Problem with

Indoor Wood Flooring

A lot of ball skipping: Most hardwood tend to have a sheen finish on them to protect the wood, which can cause the pickleball to skip.

A lot of skidding: the ball will often skid instead of bouncing up. This will cause a lot of frustration and headaches for pickleball players.

Affects ball spin: need to use soft indoor balls which affects ball spin

Ball bounces differently compared to outdoors: messes up tough to place drives and drops

Different game dynamics: if you are used to outdoor game, playing on hardwood indoor courts feels weird due to spin, skips, skids, reflection and bounces.

Easy to slip: When the floors are overused and not cleaned properly, the layers of dust will settle and cause players to slip. This leads to frequent injuries such as torn hamstrings, twisted ankles and even broken bones from falling.

Multiple lines on the floor: This is really common as most schools and recreation facilities have hardwood gyms and there are lines to accommodate multiple sports like volleyball, basketball, etc. Players are easily distracted by these lines – and when it comes to making those line calls, if the ball bounces in an area where lines are overlapping, questionable calls will happen.

Hardwood Floor

hardwood flooring for pickleball court
make money by setting up your own pickleball court anywhere

AI Root Middle School

make money by setting up your own pickleball court anywhere 2

Skagit Valley College

make money by setting up your own pickleball court anywhere 3

Shadow Hills High School

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