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How Mann Materials Can Help E-Commerce Businesses

Increase Reorders: You can link your Mann Materials Intelligent Packaging to a product reorder page. With a tap of the phone, the product is added to the cart, giving your customers a frictionless way of reordering the exact same item. Watch your reorders and customer lifetime value skyrocket!

Increase Upsells: Did your customer like your product when they received it? You can now add Mann Materials Intelligent Inserts into your package or parcel. All customers need to do is tap their smartphone and it will take them to your designated complimentary product line. Our intelligent packaging insert is not just a piece of paper with your complimentary products, but a gateway to increasing your average customer order.

Direct Customer Service: Start offering great customer service by directly linking live chat to your packaging or packaging insert. With a tap of the phone, your customers who receive your product can talk directly with a customer service representative. Serve your customers better this way and you will definitely increase your customer retention rate.

Receive more product reviews: Do you find it hard to get feedback or reviews? Encourage fans to review your product with a tap of the smartphone on a Mann Materials Intelligent Packaging.

Expand Your Ideal Customer Base: Mann Materials Intelligent Data captures information about your prospect once they land on your page. We can give you the contact details and additional insights on who landed on your page so you can retarget them via email, phone, direct mail, social media and display ads.

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