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Earn up to $850,000+/year from Pickleball Court business

Biggest business opportunity in 2024-2025: Run a Pickleball business and make money from the fastest growing sport in the nation

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 Biggest Opportunity in 2024-2025: Pickleball Court Business


Pickleball has been exploding in popularity in the last 4 years and it has become the fastest growing sport in the US. With 13.6 million players, it has grown 51.8% from 2022-2023 and an incredible 223.5% in four years since 2020 according to USA Pickleball.

The biggest problem is that the demand for courts is outstripping supply. According to the latest research by the Sport & Fitness Industry Association, it would take $902 million or 25784 new courts to meet current demands.


The first problem with building courts is the time-consuming approval process from the council or local government.

The Problem:

Roll out your Pickleball court on any hard, flat surface


The second limitation is the price. To construct a single court from scratch involves site clearing, grading, concrete installation, coating, acrylic surfacing and annual maintenance. The cost, according to Homeguide is between $20,000 to $50,000 for a single court.


This means for a normal 8 court facility, it could cost up to $160,000 to $400,000.

The Solution:

This is a perfect opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to make money by providing temporary pickleball courts to fill overwhelming demand by rolling our portable pickleball flooring rolls onto any hard surface such as driveways, parking lots, rooftops, community halls, churches, trade show rooms and commercial spaces.

B2C Market

make money from pickleball

Target Market

Individual Players:

Find a location for your pickleball court. Roll out your court and start collecting court rental fees!

Potential locations include:



Empty Parking Lots

Empty Gyms

Empty Fitness Centers

Empty Sport Venues

Indoor Commercial Space

Function Halls



Underutilized Tennis Courts

Underutilized Basketball Courts


Local Government Space

Business Parks


Gyms/Fitness Centers

Town Centers

Community Halls

Empty Retail Spaces

Empty Commercial Spaces

Shopping Centers/Malls

Empty Office Space

Event & Entertainment Centre

Open Party Venues


Golf Clubs/Country Clubs

Business Parking Lots

Underutilized Downtown Areas

Vacant Street Level Retail Space

Alley Projects



Target Market


Introduce branded pickleball games at your client’s next event. It will distinguish their brand by offering an innovative and interactive experience that captures the attendee’s attention. Its popularity will generate buzz, increase positive moments linked to their brand and foster engagement. Whether it is pop-up pickleball event for a local restaurant or a large trade show for a multinational organization, you are able to use your pickleball courts to generate a flood of revenue. Every single business in your city, whether large or small is a potential customer!

Roll out your court to host immersive events such as:


Company Sport Events

Community Engagement Events

Brand Awareness Events

Customer Appreciation Events

Employee Appreciation Events


Product Launches

Trade Shows



Shopping Mall Pop Ups

Team Building Events

Wellness Events

Company Retreats



Pickleball Workshops

Co-sponsored events

Pop-Up Shops

Influencer Events

Showroom Events

Potential Customer Base:


Restaurants & Sport Bars


Non-Profit Organizations

Event Companies

Sport Companies

Health & Fitness Companies

Health Care & Medical Companies

RV & Camping Companies

Hotel & Hospitality Companies

Construction Companies

Apparel & Clothing Companies

Finance & Insurance Companies

Food & Drink Companies

Transportation & Logistics Companies

Technology & Software Companies

Manufacturing Companies

Agricultural Companies

Consumer Goods Companies

Consumer Services Companies

Retail Companies

Education Companies

Information Technology Companies

Real Estate Companies

Auto Companies

Wholesale Companies

Entertainment & Recreation Companies

B2B Market

pickleball startup
pickleball business opportunity
set up your pickleball court anywhere

Potential Revenue Streams

From Court Rentals:

The average market rate of pickleball court rental is $20/hr. Assuming a 10 hour daily play time and an 80% occupancy rate, the daily potential revenue is $160 per day or $58400 per year.


4 Courts x per court potential revenue: $58400 x 4 = $233600 per year

8 Courts x per court potential revenue: $58400 x 8 = $467200 per year

From Tournaments:

Depending on how many courts you have and how well you market the tournament, on average you can see up to 50-300 attendees. For example the Loma Linda University Drayson Centre hosted their pickleball tournament and they got over 280 people to register.


$20-$100 per event per person


e.g $80 per person x 100 people tournament = $8000 revenue for a 4 court tournament space. *$2000 per court assuming 4 courts used in the tournament

make money from pickleball

From Gear Sales & Rental

Access to our exclusive gear at wholesale prices. For example, our USAPA approved paddles gives you profit margins of $150 worth of profit for each resale. Other items in our catalog include pickleball bags and apparel.

From Corporate Events:

$1000+/day per court

From Lessons

Coaches can make $50 an hour or more. If you are teaching a group of 4, expect to make $150 per hour.

Coaches can make $50 an hour or more. If you are teaching a group of 4, expect to make $150 per hour.

Estimated Total Revenue

Mann Materials Court Cost: $9,999


Potential Revenue From Court Rentals (300 days): $58,400

Potential Revenue From Tournaments (10 tournaments): $20,000

Potential Revenue From Gear Sales (100 sold): $10,000

Potential Revenue From Corporate Events (20 Events): $20,000

Potential Revenue From Lessons*


Potential Revenue Per Year: $58400 + $20,000 + $10,000 + $20,000 = $108,400 per court

Potential Revenue Per Year From 4 Elite Courts = $433,600

Potential Revenue Per Year From 8 Elite Courts = $867,200

Estimated ROI

ROI is $108,400/$9,999 = 1084%

pickleball business opportunity

What are big businesspublications saying about thePickleball Business Opportunity

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Successful Pickleball Business Owners

Success Pickleball Court Entrepreneur

"I absolutely hated my job and my boss. Times were tough for me, especially during the cost of living crisis. After paying my bills, I had nothing left. I was working 60 hour days just to survive and it was brutal.


When I first stumbled upon the concept of pickleball, it was purely by accident. I had been looking for a way to diversify my income and came across an article detailing the rapid rise of this sport. I dug deeper and realized that pickleball was more than just a passing trend; not only is it the fastest growing sport, the number of players within the next 5-10 years will be 5x more than today.


After getting my own portable Mann Materials Pickleball courts, I leased a low-cost warehouse and set up my 4 courts there. On weekends, I would be able to fully book my courts. By hosting free clinics, tournaments, and social events, I created a sense of community among players and enthusiasts. This not only builds a loyal customer base but also generates word-of-mouth referrals that are invaluable for business growth.


Because these courts are portable, we host a lot of events for small and large businesses across the state on weekdays – setting up Pickleball games during trade shows, road shows, employee engagement days etc. We are able to charge over $1500+ per event.


The impact on my lifestyle and future plans has been nothing short of transformative. The steady stream of income from my thriving pickleball business has not only alleviated my financial burdens but allowed me to quick my job and become my own boss."

Stuart, Pasadena CA

Product Range

Mann Materials Pickleball Full Court
Mann Materials Pickleball Elite Court

Mann Materials Full Court

Size: 20x44'

Pricing: $4999

Mann Materials
Elite Court

Size: 28x60'

Pricing: $8999

Mann Materials Pickleball Championship Court

Mann Materials Championship Court

Size: 36x60'

Pricing: $10999

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